What we offer

Wide Range of Maintenance Services such as Bi-Monthly or Monthly Service Contracts depending on the Code compliance.


Comprehensive Contracts:

Which Covers most of the Elevator Accessories such as Controllers and Machinery and so on.

  • No additional cost is required to replace the parts.
  • Preventive Maintenance Regime will be done based on the Monthly Schedule.
  • Our Well-versed Technicians will perform the Checks and carry out necessary works such as cleaning and Lubrications for continuous good operation of the equipment.
  • Our Maintenance Managers then contact you and inform you of the Schedule to replace the parts before the equipment breakdown happens.

Non-Comprehensive Contracts:

Maintenance/Service without hardware/spare parts warranty.

  • Preventive Maintenance Regime will be done on regular basis
  • All part replacements will be charged based on the Standard Cost List provided before the commencement of the Contract.
  • Every part undergoes a thorough quality inspection before on-site deployment.